Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogging by the Wayside?

What a relief to have finished the QP!!  Now I am excited to be a doctoral candidate at IUP and am able to look forward to what the future will bring with my studies.  For the first time in a long time I feel that I am able to return to this blog and post an update.

When I left IUP in August I was on a high.  Completing four 3 credit courses in ten weeks is no easy feat and I was thrilled to "come through" the experience in one piece.  I was pleased with how much I learned during those ten weeks and how much more insight I had into the field of composition studies when I returned home.  This experience is definitely worth it and I found that I was able to apply what I had been learning as soon as I returned to work at the end of August.

There are a few months between now and the start of the summer session.  I plan to present a paper at the Computers and Writing conference at UC Davis in June and will work on revising that paper this spring.  There are other revision projects to tweak, more reading and research to do and I'm very curious to see where it all leads.

It seems that much of the country has become more contemplative about the circumstances of our lives as we experience these uncertain economic times.  Really, though, what certainty is there?  Perhaps we've been living with some illusions for too long and we're about to see some major changes.  I wonder how this will impact summer studies at IUP and how this might impact all jobs in academe further down the road?  Looking forward to commenting on that one in the future...

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